Apéritif – Fine Dining in Bali

Secluded in the rice terrace with an amicable setting, Apéritif brings you to the world of gastronomical experience. Name after the European tradition of enjoying pre-drinks to stimulate the appetite, Apéritif is set to offer you refined dining experience. More than just fine dining, the restaurant is art itself. Inspire by local Balinese culture, presenting the French cuisine with a twist, Apéritif is bringing the fine dining experience to the next level.

The restaurant is head by Chef Nic Vanderbeeken who had put together many award-winning restaurants and movement in Bali. Together with Pastry Chef Alexander Mckinstry, who has garnered over a decade of experience in pastry scene, guests will end the meal with a sweet touch.


Start off the evening with a glass of sunset cocktail and canapes by the bar. The canapes – Parrotfish on crispy fish skin was very appetizing. Beetroot Meringue with Cheese served was very exquisite. The perfect kind of aperitif to keep you excited before indulging in the eight-course degustation.

Oyster/ Leche De Tigre /Tuna Tataki

Smoked oyster emulsion with seaweed and spirulina crumb is done beautifully. The combination of the superfood – spirulina and seaweed gave a nice touch to the oyster and brings you back to the sea. Pack with nutritious ingredient and yet it tasted so good, the entrée took us by surprise.

Pumpkin/ Karedok

A zero-waste food concept turns into reality. All parts of the pumpkin are put to good use. Top with edamame and rosemary sauce, the Pumpkin is the future. Prepared with six kinds of pickles and topped with peanut sauce, Karedok evokes childhood memories.

Papua Crab/ Iberico Pork

Top with Caviar and Ikura, the meat of swimmer crab Crab is wrap with a very thin wrap and served with Gulai sauce. The Papua crab is an excellent fusion between east and west. Iberico Pork was grilled to perfection. Served with Beetroot Apple sauce, the Iberico Pork is done well!

Venison Wellington

Featuring venison wrapped around foie gras with rendang gravy, the Venison Wellington is flavour-packed and easily the star dish of the night. The classic European dish served with a twist is simple and elegant.

Bubur Injin/ PB & J

Bubur Injin or Bubur hitam is one of our favourite traditional Indonesian dessert. Different from the usual Bubur Injin, the one served in Aperitif is served with a twist. A combination of black rice, coconut and sesame ice cream, it brings Bubur Injin to the next level. Cracking the ball of chocolate mousse opens up the Pandora box. The PB&J Peanut Butter and Jam served will bring you back to your favourite childhood breakfast moment.

The team at Apéritif put together an amazing show and it was spectacular. Do head over this gem before it gets too popular!

Eight Course from IDR 1,350,000 ++ . Make your reservation here

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